One very frequent question in the vaping community is; what is a box MOD? Before you finish reading this article you can rest assured that you will be fully informed on all things box MODs.

What is a MOD?

Standard looking box modBasically, MOD means “Modified.” A MOD is an electronic cigarette. However, unlike most electronic cigarettes which contain an in-built battery, a MOD uses removable, rechargeable batteries.


What is a box MOD?

A box MOD got its name from their square-shaped design. In other words, we can say that a box MOD is a square-shaped Advanced Personal Vaporizer. It can either contain an internal battery or have some room to house an external battery. There are two primary forms of box MODs. They include regulated and unregulated box MODs.

Mechanical Box modsMechanical/Unregulated Box MODs have no electronic mechanisms whatsoever as compared to their counterpart. Therefore, when the fire button on a mechanical box MOD is pressed, the device merely completes the circuit between the battery and the coil instead of relaying an electrical signal instructing the device to heat up the atomizer head. The fact that the mechanical box MOD has no electronic components that could cause it to malfunction also makes it more durable than its counterpart.

An example of a regulated box modRegulated Box MODs are the most preferred and the most prevalent in the industry as well. In fact, when people talk about box MODS, in most cases, they are referring to regulated box MODs which are also known as Wattage vape or Variable voltage MODs. While the only way to change your vaping experience with a mechanical MOD is by changing the atomizer’s characteristics, a regulated box MODs gives you options.

A regulated box MOD utilizes an inbuilt chip with electronic circuitry to enhance your vaping experience. After pressing the fire button, a signal is sent via a processor instructing the device to heat the atomizer coil. Additionally, you can adjust the wattage/voltage of the atomizer to vary your vaping experience.
Regulated box MODs are more advanced as they contain a variety of features not found in the mechanical MOD. They include chips, circuit boards, ohm meters, OLED screens, variable voltage capability, Puff counters, variable wattage capacity, and other numerous safety features.

Did you know that apart from using your box MOD with liquids and oils, you can also use it with wax and herbs?


Advantages of Using a Box MOD

Temperature Control

Temperature control screenTemperature control is an impressive advanced feature of box MODs that allows you to regulate the temperature at which you vape. It is important to note that is a different feature from the Wattage mode. What this means is that regardless of how long you pull or make quick consecutive pulls, the box MOD will regulate its output to ensure that the atomizer coil heats at the same temperature you set.

A significant perk of the temperature control is that the chip on the box MOD will sense when your vape juice runs out and will stop firing. With dry herbs, you can extract what you need without the contents reaching combustion. With oils and wax, this feature will ensure that the contents do not heat up to a temperature that will produce a harsh inhale.
Sporty looking box mod
Screen showing battery life

Long Battery Life

One of the crucial reasons why box MODs have increased in popularity is because of their extended battery life. While a vape pen can last you a whole day although not guaranteed, a box MOD can hold a significant amount of charge to last you a full day and begin the next.

Again, when the battery charge is depleted the next day, it doesn’t mean you have to stop vaping. With the rechargeable batteries, you can remove and recharge as you continue vaping with the charged one.


Take Larger Hits

The cloud chasers are especially happy with the box MOD because of its ability to produce huge clouds. The box MOD has an increased power supply which gives you the ability to get larger hits and huge vape clouds.


Disadvantages of a Box MOD

Although the box MOD is a favorite, there are a few reasons why some people may not like it.


Big and Indiscrete

Although there are some compact models of the box MOD like the Kramy 30, box MODs are generally bulkier than vape pens. The size makes their portability a little complicated since you may be required to have a bag as opposed to sticking it in your pocket. Again, the size makes it less discrete to use in public.


Challenging for Beginners

Unlike a vape pen which comes with a single power button and a simple temperature control, a box MOD comes with many controls which can challenge a first-time user.


Regarding the pros and cons, the advantages of a box MOD far outweigh the disadvantages. A box MOD is especially beneficial if you are into vaping liquids and oils. And as we stated earlier, it can also come in handy when vaping dry herbs and oils.


To help find the best box mod

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