How to Choose A Box Mod

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March 10, 2017
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How to Choose A Box Mod

How to Choose A Box Mod

Choosing a Box Mod

Choice of box modsBox mods are the most commonly used devices in the vaping community. They are regulated devices, which mean that they have batteries that will not reduce in volts as they die. Nowadays, most of the best box mods have variable wattage that can help users choose the power the batteries will heat the atty. To get the optimal results out of your box mod, it is crucial to choose the right one that will suit your personal needs.

A lot of vapers, especially beginners, tend to overlook this important fact when buying a mod. As a result, they may end up feeling something lacking in their vaping experience. This can be very frustrating especially when you purchase a high-end device that cannot achieve the perfect vape to calm your craving. Every little set up of the box mod contributes to the quality of vapor released. A mismatch between your needs and the box mod will mean that the vapor is too little or too much for your liking. Fortunately, there are many types of box mods in the market, and one is bound to fully suit your needs.

The cost of the box mod


By thinking about your vaping experience, it is pretty easy to determine the features that are important to you in a box mod. The industry has advanced to the point whereby all individual needs are catered for regardless of the price point. Whether it is $20 or $200, knowing how much you can afford can go a long way in ensuring that your shopping experience is less daunting and faster.

It is important to know what you should expect from your box mod regardless of its price. Some box mods might be way expensive with a lot of features but still, fail to satisfy your needs. Most mods, nowadays, offer basic amenities such as onboarding charging via USB, the ability to run in variable voltage, as well as backlit display. It is important to note that there are many mods worth owning that don’t offer some of these features but solve other problems.


Power range

Features of the box modOnce you have a budget of your ideal box mod, think about their power capability. Some mods tear through a battery’s capacity in a few hours while others can last a day. Determining your wattage and battery needs will help you in choosing the best box mod for you. If you are an infrequent vaper, it might be a good idea to choose a box mod with user-replaceable batteries over that with inbuilt batteries. Similarly, there is no sense in purchasing a 100-watt box mod when you know that you only use 15 watts for vaping.



Determining how small or big of a box mod you prefer, is a big step in choosing the best box mod for you. Each and every size type comes with its pros and cons. Large box mods tend to have more and better features that will enhance your vaping experience. Moreover, they may have interchangeable batteries. This means that they have a slot for a battery that you can always replace. If you have two or more batteries, a large box mod will be convenient as you can replace a dead battery with a charged one. One the other side, small box mods are easily portable to carry around on a day-to-day basis though they might lack some of these extra features.



Box mods range from basic to complex. A real vaper knows what type of features are going to cater for his/her vaping needs. Basic mods have simple batteries that will work well but do not offer any additional functions. Some mods have limited options like variable voltage capabilities that will allow you to regulate your voltage output. This is a really helpful feature because it allows you to customize the amount of vape you get from your box mod.


To Conclude

The most advanced mods are loaded with several features that will definitely augment your vaping experience. These sophisticated mods have reliable puff counters, ohm meters, variable wattage, variable voltage, and installed with a number of safety aspects. If you are a high-end consumer and love class, then an advanced state-of-the-art box mod may suit your lifestyle. Vaping is a personal experience, hence it is a good idea to find one that matches your style.